NARSOL in Action 4/25/2019 – Murphy v. Raoul

This edition of NARSOL in Action focused on Murphy v. Raoul, a recent decision by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois which found that the state is trampling the constitution by failing to release those who have served their full sentences. You can read the full 61-page opinion here.

Our special guest for this segment was Adele Nicholas, a Chicago-based civil rights attorney who has extensively litigated issues concerning registration and related collateral consequences in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Among her recent notable cases are Hoffman v. Village of Pleasant Prairie, in which the court enjoined enforcement of a municipal residency restriction that sought to force registrants to move out of the Village, and Winter v. Schmitz, in which the court prohibited the state of Illinois from labeling a registrant as a “sexual predator” based on a misdemeanor conviction.

The discussion about Murphy v. Raoul was followed by an hour of Can They Do That? followed by Ask the NARSOL Board. King Alexander, a supervising felony without parole attorney in the Calcasieu Parish Public Defender’s Office, was featured on Can They Do That? and took many listener questions. The final hour had several members of the board of directors on the call who also answered questions.

Hour 1:       Review of the decision by Ms. Nicholas followed by audience questions with preference to callers in Illinois;

Hour 2:       Can They Do That? with King Alexander;

Hour 3:       Ask the NARSOL Board.

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