Scam Alert

This is to alert you to the possibility that you might receive a phone call from scammers purporting to be law enforcement. Do not believe them. There are so many scams going that it is virtually impossible for us to track
them all. The most recent report was from one of our supporters who received a fake call from the Albuquerque Police demanding that he come to the downtown headquarters and provide a DNA sample to de-register
him. APD and law enforcement agencies do not make such calls which is how we know that this was a scam. DNA is collected at the time of a felony arrest or upon conviction if it hasn’t been previously stored. We believe that the purpose of the call was to get the person to leave his home so they could burglarize it or do something even more sinister.

The most common scam is that you may receive a call claiming that you have a warrant out for your arrest. Do not fall for that one either. Law enforcement will not call you demanding money in the form of pre-paid gift
cards or bitcoin to resolve an arrest warrant. LJC’s advice is that you do not engage with anyone claiming to be law enforcement, an IRS agent, or from the Social Security Administration. Neither the SSA nor the IRS make such phone calls which means any such call is a scam. The scammer will tell you  that your social security number is being used fraudulently and that you are subject to arrest. If you do not recognize the voice of the caller, the best advice would be to ask for a badge number and then call the agency to confirm the officer’s identify. That will outrage the scammer and they will threaten you even more. Do not be bullied because a legitimate officer will understand what you are doing.

Rick Dean

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