Legislative Update #5

Several House bills have crossed over into the Senate. LJC is vehemently opposed to some, most notably, House Bill 56. This is the mammoth SORNA and human trafficking overhaul. As expected, the legislation passed the House near unanimously. In addition, House Bill 74 which we reported on last week passed despite significant Republican opposition. HB 74 would restore voting rights…

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Legislative Session 2021 Bill Tracker

Below are the bills we have been tracking this legislative session. This page will be updated daily with any new information regarding these bills. To read the full text of these bills, go to Bill Number Subject/Title Sponsor(s) LJC’s Position Committee/Status Date Scheduled HB 31 MILITARY JUSTICE CODE SEX CRIMES DEFINITIONS Sariñana (D) Neutral Passed House, Sent to SHPAC…

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Laws based on inaccuracies lead to lifetime of shame for those who offended as juveniles

By Kristan N. Russell and Shawn C. Marsh . . . Few crimes stimulate such visceral reactions and deep-seated fears as sexual offenses. Accordingly, societal responses to sexual offending such as registration and notification laws tend to be quite punitive and highly stigmatizing for the offender. Yet these social control practices are widely considered by the public to be essential for community safety. However,…

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