2015 Legislative Update 1

2015 Legislative Update 1

  Our 60-day legislative session kicked off January 20th. Liberty and Justice Coalition (LJC) is gearing up for an intense battle. Three bills have already been introduced that will directly impact those already registered or will add more to families to our population of registered citizens. In addition, there are several more bills that enhance existing criminal penalties.

The bills on our radar are:

  • HB 270: Sponsored by Representative Yvette Herrell (R).
  • SB 380: Sponsored by Senator Jacob Candelaria (D).
  • SB 151: Sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart (D).

HB 270 is the most significant proposal because it would add five new offenses to New Mexico’s list of registerable sex offenses. The offenses are: (1) patronizing prostitutes when the person believed to be a prostitute is under the age of 18; (2) promoting prostitution; (3) accepting the earnings of a prostitute; (4) voyeurism; and (5) human trafficking. In addition, conspiracy to commit any registerable sex offense would also require registration. The Department of Public Safety has unsuccessfully sought the addition of these offenses for many years; however, this may be the year they win due to the change of control in the House of Representatives.

SB 380 would impose a $140.00 fee on a person at his/her initial registration which would be used to support the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.

SB 151 would clarify the state’s burden of proof for those individuals it seeks to keep on an indeterminate parole after the initial five years. In addition, the legislation would establish a regular review process for those whose parole has been revoked for a technical violation. This bill is something that we are inclined to support once some technical issues are addressed.

LJC will have a booth in the Capitol in early March. We are seeking volunteers to help staff the booth and hand our literature to lawmakers and visitors. If you are interested in helping, please contact Rick at 505 832-4291 and leave a message.

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