May 2013 Update

Hello All,

We had a lot of meetings this month , so here is a brief update.

April 28, 2013,   Meeting in Las Cruces resulted in a smaller turn out than hoped for, from 266 non- returned mailings for Dona Ana, Hidalgo, Grant, Luna and Sierra Counties. We were blessed with 12 adults and 2 children. Meeting went well and valuable information was exchanged. People there now know of our existence and have begun spreading the word.

May 9,2013,   Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) meeting was attended and recorded. The Board discussed Bills that passed into law and the one that didn’t. Also which bill they expect to return next year in one form or another. So be prepared for a Battle in the Roundhouse next year.

May 11, 2013,   RSOLNM board meeting was held in Tijeras. Ideas were discussed for improvements to RSOLNM.ORG web site and implementation agreed upon. Some of the changes you may have noticed, redirection of some pages under different tabs and new tabs. Everything is still there we are adding more information as well as services. (SEE BELOW)

May 11,2013,   CURE (Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants) held a meeting in Tijeras following the RSOLNM Board meeting. CURE started in Texas in 1972 and became a National organization in 1985. They are trying to form a larger presence in New Mexico. CURE has recently taken up our banner to stand against the continued punishment if RSOs. For more info on CURE visit : or

May 15, 2013:   Online Fundraiser had a small turn out, but still raised over $500.00.


There is now, ” RSOLNM Talk ” for members, where members and contributors (If we have your e-mail) can ask and answer questions, exchange information, be able to tell us instantly when something is happening in your county/town or simply chat. Those up to date members whose e-mail address we have, you will receive a password in the coming weeks. TOS* applies.

*(UPDATE! Login credentials have been emailed. If you find that you were missed, please contact Lloyd to update your email. Thanks!)
More to come! Soon!

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