Happy Easter!

From: Lloyd

Subject: Meeting Follow Up and Happy Easter!

Good morning everyone,

  Thanks to everyone for a fantastic meeting yesterday. So much was discussed I wanted to summarize a few key items that came out of the meeting for those that were not present.

First a few calendar updates and Support Group Meeting Notice below;

March 16 Session ends (noon)

April 5 Legislation not acted upon by governor is pocket vetoed

April 25 Deadline for Garage Auction Fundraiser Donations

April 27 First Support Group Meeting

May 9 Live Fundraiser Yard Auction at www.MyAuctionAddiction.com

May 11 CURE Meeting Hosted by RSOLNM at UNM Law School

May 24 First Flea Market Fundraiser in Placitas

June 14 Effective date of legislation not a general appropriation bill or

a bill carrying an emergency clause or other specified date.

From Doug the Support Group Coordinator;

I have picked Saturday April 27th 1:00 PM for the get together at my place. It will be a pizza-chicken wing party. I would ask that everyone bring a camping or folding chair if possible. An RSVP is requested so that I will know how much pizza to order. It will be a desert pot luck so bring your favorite desert. To encourage people living a long distance away I ask they bring a pillow and sleeping bag I have plenty of room. There is a master bedroom with a queen bed. I also have a couple of cots that can be set up in another bedroom and there is always the couch.

Contact me through Lloyd.

A few NEW ways to get involved!

1. We need your donations of quality un-used garage Auction items delivered to Lloyd (Contact him for address) by April 25th. Just drop them off, and they will be posted for everyone to bid on at www.MyAuctionAddiction.com. No sitting around all weekend in the sun!

2. Assist our NEWLY appointed fundraising coordinator Nadine with assembling art items for sale at the Flea Markets, Garage Auction and for the National Conference Live Auction. You can contact her through Lloyd also.

3. Help Doug with the first official Support group meeting to make it a success.

4. Join the 2013 Visioning committee, and help make recommendations for our future success. Contact Rick at sataaran1@yahoo.com .

5. Renew your membership at rsolnm.org. The membership sign up is being re-vamped to automatically track when dues are due so reminders can go out. 

  Thanks again for everyone’s support in advance, and have a wonderful Easter,

Lloyd Swartz

“The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” -Samuel Adams

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