Update on bill 446

From Lloyd

Good Something Everyone,

       Like many of you I am feeling a little delirious, but at least I already had breakfast….all be it at 1:00am! First off, all hats off to everyone that helped launch a full force frontal assault on HB446 yesterday working from late morning until past midnight! I myself got home at 2:00am. I was being a bit sarcastic when I said we may need to be there until 12:00am, too bad I was right! But folks, this is what it takes, hard work to save our lives. Some of you now see what myself and Larry deal with all session. Some left early, or did not make it at all. But what was CRYSTAL clear it took a team effort to achieve last night’s STAGGERING success.

Once again for RSOLNM last night was historic. We Tabled a full SORNA bill in CPAC! Those that helped, your participation was critical. The opposition packed the house with cops and a vigilante preacher that we had to offset with our numbers (although still out numbered). Special thanks to Larry’s and Mellissa’s fantastic effort, and Mellissa’s passionate speech as well as decorum displayed in the face of shocking, and outright LIES. I personally had trouble keeping myself together when Regina declared her bill had been thoroughly vetted at the October SOMB meeting! Or how about this is a “Clean Up” Bill! Not smart to sacrifice credibility with law makers just because you are stubborn and desperate! I lost count of the lies by the other side, but I am sure others will refresh my memory later. Thankfully we do have video of all of it. Even one of our opponents was disgusted by the unwillingness of Law Enforcement to follow the constitution, and the out of line comments. This goes to show you will accomplish more by being reasonable, honest and well behaved. We are NOT out of the woods yet, and many things can come back at us during the next few weeks, but this is a step in the right direction.

 Additionally HB451 Electronics Solicitation was tabled as well as HB452 adding those that do not have a New Mexico equivalent registerable offense. So it was a 3-0 night!

    HB48 status:

HB48 has been re-drafted with less offensive language, and will be up Monday. While we are not supportive of this bill, but we will not be asking you to show up in mass to oppose the more narrow version.

    Child Photo Project:

Thanks for all the photos for this important project. We have all the supplies and will be putting them together Sunday. While we did not use them last night, we had many “what about the child victims” comments that shows this will be a powerful, deployable counter tactic in the future, to be used at the right time, and we will be ready!

    Sundays Work Session: Please don’t forget about Sunday’s retroactive letter and child photo work session at 3:00pm at my house.

  Where do we go now? The chess board has certainly shifted, and efforts behind the scenes begin to double and triple in the remaining weeks. There is still HB570 which could go in any number of directions that we have to follow, and with a desperate administration anything is possible. We have had a fantastic victory, but the fight continues.

  Thanks again to those that have supported us saving your lives, volunteering, donating time or money and getting to Santa Fe. You are all the Heroes of this movement!


Lloyd Swartz

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