ACTION REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Lloyd

Sorry to cut the good news short, but HB446 and all related  bills to hammer down our families forever, completely retroactive including those already off the registry and on the old 10 and 20 is up already in CPAC, room 317 on Thursday at 1:30pm.

   Let me put together the formula for you. {If you show up in committee = we MIGHT stop or slow it down}. or [Just a couple of people show up] = and it WILL PASS EASILY! Get your butt to Santa Fe. Take the afternoon off from work and bring your family.

We need your children’s photos tomorrow before lunch if we are going to pull of our child photo concept. We have some promises of photos but only a few so far. We need 25-30!  Emailing photos would seem to be the EASIEST thing you can do! Please help us SAVE YOUR FAMILIES LIVES! Get us those photos asap so Esther can get them ready tomorrow night for Thursdays Committee meeting. Email them to her at

    Everyone please take the time to prioritize saving your life NOW and get to Santa Fe Thursday and get us your children’s photos.

  Will you lie down? OR FIGHT?

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