About Us

Liberty and Justice Coalition is a 11 year old, grass roots Civil Rights Group associated with narsol.org with affiliates throughout the United States. Our primary mission is to improve public safety by reforming punitive former sex offender laws that threaten public safety, families, children, our justice system, and even our constitution.

What types of people are active in our group?

Former Sex Offenders seeking to become safe, productive citizens and concerned civil rights activists, attorneys, law makers, doctors, families of former sex offenders and many other concerned citizens.

Why should I be concerned about laws that punish former sex offenders?

Two primary reasons; the first is according to all available research accumulated in the last 19 years, the sex offender registry is a failure that costs tax payers vast sums of money, from monitoring non-dangerous people to lost property values, all the while endangering children through vigilantism, discouraging treatment, and impacts to victims. The second is “the slippery slope” of a revenge based scheme. In some places non-sex offenders are added to the registry, and registries are being established for just about any mistake a human could make, even a barking dog registry. How long will it be until a loved one in your family is on a public humiliation registry?

You claim to have data that proves former sex offenders don’t re-offend, and the registry does not work.

But doesn’t the other side have contradictory data?

No, there are no peer reviewed studies indicating high recidivism rates nor that the sex offender registry works to either increase public safety or prevent recidivism.

How do these laws endanger us?

Too many ways to list here, some include, de-stabilizing former sex offenders, murdered or assaulted  former sex offender, their children and families, and the focus on sex crimes has become the rare “stranger danger” attack when 95% of all new sex crimes come from a new offender and usually someone the victim knows such as a close family member.

If the sex offender registry does not help with sex crime prevention, what will?

I encourage you to visit our prevention page, as well as


and learn how to recognize and protect your family from sex abuse.

How can I get involved?

Learn as much as you can about these issues, join LibJusCo and attend a quarterly meeting with us.