Please see link provided: take action by contacting your representatives. Let’s make our voices heard against this more destructive version of International Megan’s Law before it gains any more traction.

Action Alert: Smith Introduces a -MORE ONEROUS- version of his defunct International Megans Law

5-10-2014 Washington DC:

International Megans law bill died years ago, and is not necessary because the SMART Office -through Guidelines- put it into play in 2011. See blog here with full explanation, scroll down a bit and read how they put it into effect.

Now on 5-6-2014 Rep. Smith introduces his original bill under a fictitious name, using a explanation of purpose, rather than a name as all other bills have. This new bill is a MODIFIED (More onerous) version and can be viewed here HR-4573.

Now in his press release he says the House approved this bill before, however they have not approved the more onerous amendments he has made to the new version.

It is time for everyone to contact their Representatives and Senators, and explain how this is harmful to registrants and their families, and is not good for the nation.

This is something that needs everyone’s attention immediately.


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