ALERT! Posted 02/07/2013

As we feared the war against  our families is heating up. Yesterday HB446,451,452   were introduced attacking us. Larry is working hard on  intelligence gathering as well as analysis of the bills which I will pass on as  soon as I have them, but I feel that an alert now is  important.

Let’s just clear the air a bit. HB446 will  take nearly everyone to lifetime punishment every 90 days with full  restrictions on your life, without any hope of relief. This includes those on  old 10 and 20 year AND WAIT A MINUTE, EVERYONE EVER CONVICTED IN HISTORY! This  means those that escaped prior and said goodbye to RSOLNM should now come on back  in.

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In summary thus  far this session;

1. They want to  banish us from the Internet.

2. Take our  children away

3. Make sure  EVERYONE is punished for the rest of their lives under a strict Probation/Parole  like scheme.

Given the facts above and the push by  the AG and Governor for this agenda, for those of you not contributing money or  time, not going to the Capital to testify and/or believe if you hide under a  rock they won’t come for YOUR family. WAKE UP! Donate now and plan to get to the  Capital when we ask you to WITH your families. This is no longer a situation you  can ignore. This is by FAR the greatest battle for our lives we have EVER faced.  Get involved NOW! Excuses? You no longer have any. Worried about your family?  GET INVOLVED. Worried about your job? GET INVOLVED! Can’t donate or take a day  off from work? Prepare to pay the consequences.

Be prepared for an increasing number of  emails as the session progresses. As soon as Larry’s weekly update and new bill  analyses are out I will pass them along.

Time for everyone to get involved with  money and or time, judgment day is upon us, will we rise to the occasion?

Lloyd Swartz


Legislative Update

This year is expected to be an extremely busy one  on the legislative front. A number of proposals are already pending. And it is  anticipated that more will be introduced prior to the deadline for introduction  of new legislation. Following is a summary of the bills currently pending that  RSOL has identified as “high  priority”, especially for  anyone required to register. In addition to what we are already working on, we  anticipate the introduction of a major SORNA that will bring New Mexico into  compliance with the Adam Walsh Act.

The following bills are pending now:

HB 48 sponsored by Representative Nate Gentry (R). The  legislation would prohibit any person required to register pursuant to New  Mexico’s Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) from accessing  social media, instant messaging, or chat rooms. The current status is that the  sponsor has temporarily withdrawn the proposal as a result of intense pressure  applied by RSOLNM.


HB 38 sponsored by Representative Alonzo Baldonado (R).  The legislation would extinguish parental rights for those convicted of any form  of Criminal Sexual Penetration (CSP) in cases where a child was conceived,  regardless of whether the crime was perpetrated by force. In other words, any  person that engaged in consensual sex with an individual below the age of  consent would have no parental rights if this becomes law. The bill received a  “do pass” in House Consumer and Public Affairs and is now in the House Judiciary  Committee.

HB 270 sponsored by Representative Tom Taylor (R). The  legislation adds the offense of Electronic Solicitation to the list of offenses  that will require the imposition of an indeterminate five to twenty year  sentence, and requires that the offender pay for his/her own Risk Assessment.  The bill has not been scheduled for its first hearing  yet.

SB 252 sponsored by Senator Phil Griego (D). This bill  is a major revamp (84 pages) of the children’s code that contains a dangerous  provision buried deep inside. There is a list of aggravating circumstances that  could be used to remove a child due to abuse or neglect. One of the “aggravating  circumstances” that would permit a finding of abuse or neglect would be if a  parent is registered or ever had to register as a sex offender. This provision  could be used as a reason to take your kids away! This is obviously the most  serious civil rights threat to date. The bill has not been scheduled for its  first hearing yet.


Conference Update from Lloyd

The 4th Annual Reform Sex Offender Laws Conference in  Albuquerque wrapped up Sunday 9/9/12 at noon with a New Mexico Senator as  the final keynote speaker. We believe from participant comments that this was  the best conference yet! 153 excluding media and children attended the 3 day  conference. We hope that everyone attended gained the knowledge to help move  their states toward reform of the dangerous laws that oppress millions, and  negatively affect our country as a whole. I would like to especially  thank; *  All the RSOLNM ground team that pulled this amazing event  off! *  All the volunteers and concerned citizens that joined us for the  first time! *  RSOL National for being receptive to new and creative  conference ideas! *  The media for providing the first real coverage  these important issues deserve! *  APD for providing a safe and secure  environment! !!! Now let's all go out and "Catch the Dream of Reform"  !!!